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Runs on local, High speed.

PingTester can store a list of IP addresses and network test commands to increase the working efficiency, perform ping and traceroute test by one click, 'ping sweep' subnets or interval ping all the hosts on a list continuously, save the individual ping records to a txt or Excel file, generate statistics reports which group by specified time interval, so that you can know the network connection status of each period. The IP Scanner function can quickly scan a group of IPs to find the IP in use. And all other dos commands can run in the Windows form.   Download  v9.39

**** What is a Ping Test?

**** Ping Test Technology


Ping Tester - Run ping and other network testing commands on high productivity visual interface.

Permanent free, handy, powerful, visual network speed test utility for system administrator to check network speed and connection.

This simple program is normally done at command line level for all network testing function of Windows, Ping Tester makes things simpler by providing you with a GUI within Windows to perform the network testing task.

Recommand: Use QR Code to manage your network device.  In Cnet

The Intuitive and graphical interface lets you easy to watch the states of network and test the connection speeds of various locations.

Ping Tester can save multiple group of IP addresses and hosts name, and run the ping test or trace route or IP scan for multiple groups of IP addresses at the same time, you no need to key in the IP addresses each time again, just select the saved IP address groups you want to do testing, the click the "Run" button.

Ping Tester intuitive interface shows the route, hosts, packet loss percentage, and min/max/average response times, and generate the summary report if the test result.

The ping results can be or exported to an Excel file or Access database file, then you can do advance analysis for the testing result. If your internet connection is unstable, you can export the ping test detail records and provide them your internet service provider, the detail ping test records can be used as evidence.

Ping Tester can set to automatic run the network ping testing at the scheduling time, and can automatic send e-mail notification, this feature is very useful for the system administrator, you can setup the network testing runs on the middle of night, then send e-mail to you to report the network status.

Ping Tester has more flexible parameter setting, it is better than the Windows network testing command, such as you can set the test interval and send buffer size as incremental.

Ping Tester support all Windows network testing commands, it is an excellent replacement for the DOS ping utility that comes with Windows.

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New:  Use QR Code or Barcode Tag to Manage Your Network Device

It's a good idea to use a QR Code tag to manage your printed files or storage media.

1. QR code can store up to 4296 characters

2. QR code is stored redundantly, even if part of the label is worn out, its content still can be read normally.

3. There is a certain security function, it needs to be scanned by mobile phone or QR Code scanner to get  

the content of the label, which can meet the needs of a specific occasion.

To make barcode label for your network device, you can choose to use below online barcode generator,

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